«EnVIRonmental evALuation project method for secondary schools»

Number 2022-1-ES01-KA220-SCH-000088907

Priorities addressed


Environment and fight against climate change.

This project will launch a pilot project in schools on environmental education, as a transversal subject that will be integrated into the school curricula. You will pilot innovative practices that enable permanent behavioral changes for students and staff, while creating reading material on how to transform our behavioral aspects to individually fight climate change.


Supporting teachers, school leaders and other teaching professions.

The project will improve the professional development of teachers, giving them tools on how to implement educational projects in their centers related to the environment. Furthermore, it is important that they understand the chosen methodology and learn to put it into practice accompanied by experts. This will also be useful to learn about other assessment methods that may not correspond to the traditional tests/questionnaires used in schools.


Common values, civic engagement and participation.

One of the first practices of this project will be the participatory workshop designed for schools in which students and teachers will be involved to analyze and discover what trends in terms of sustainable behavior they follow or know. During this process, the school will be an open space to debate and generate ideas that impact the future development of activities, including different contexts and people.





Environmental Challenges


Student Training


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