Environmental Perspectives

Questionnaire for students and teachers

The survey was designed to gather insights and perspectives from both teachers and students regarding environmental issues and climate change. It was structured in a general format that was applicable to both teachers and students, with additional specific questions tailored specifically for teachers. The purpose of the survey was to assess the level of awareness, knowledge, and perceptions towards environmental sustainability, as well as to identify areas where educational interventions and initiatives can be implemented to promote positive behavioural changes.

Educational Empowerment

Guidelines for Environmental Behaviour Change

This comprehensive guidelines are a culmination of insights gathered during the participatory events done during the project implementation. These guidelines are meticulously crafted to empower educators with the knowledge to address key topics and provide innovative ideas for effectively guiding and instructing students. With these guidelines, teachers will be equipped to inspire transformative environmental behavioural changes in students.

Download this version if you are looking for a practical tool

Successful methodologies

Manual: Project Monitoring and Evaluation Tools

This manual serves as a valuable resource for educators. It provides an in-depth methodology and an array of tools that can be seamlessly integrated into school projects. The manual highlights crucial elements and actions necessary for the successful planning and execution of projects within the school environment.