On March 22, 2023, the Auditorium Cândido Guerreiro at the School of Education and Vocational Training hosted a collaborative event in the heart of the central Algarve region, situated in the northwest corner of Loulé municipality. This event marked a significant milestone in fostering environmental awareness among students and teachers alike.

The event witnessed enthusiastic participation from a multitude of students, with a total of 40 student responses and 7 from the teaching staff, highlighting the considerable interest and commitment to the project.

During this initiative, attendees delved into pressing environmental issues, engaging in discussions and research to comprehend the general habits of students regarding their daily food choices, energy consumption, and transportation preferences. These efforts aimed to not only deepen the understanding of urgent environmental concerns but also to ignite and nurture a genuine interest in the project’s goals.

This collaborative event proved to be a remarkable success, underlining the commitment of the academic community to address and actively contribute to the global conversation on environmental sustainability.