Educational Innovation to mitigate climate change

VIRAL is a European funded Erasmus+ project aimed at promoting behaviour changes in students and teachers in terms of individual environmental practices. Through the creation of school projects, the goal is to foster behavioural changes that contribute to climate change mitigation.

Furthermore, the project aims to provide schools with tools for project monitoring and evaluation, develop project management skills, and enhancing awareness about climate change.

In this way, the need to integrate environmentally related projects in schools is addressed, generating behavioural changes in students and staff, while simultaneously enhancing teachers’ professional skills in terms of project monitoring and evaluation.

Educate today, protect tomorrow.

Project objectives


Foster behavioural change in terms of climate change mitigation and ecological practices at individual level.


Enhance the professional development of school staff in managing, monitoring, and evaluating in-school projects.


Enhance social participation within schools for the implementation of environment policies.


Promote environmental initiatives and actions in the schools supported by students.